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When Anxiety Attacks

I wrote this while trying to put into words what it's like for me when I go into an anxiety attack. I know we are all feeling some kind of way with the craziness of the Corona Virus running wild, so I thought others might connect with my words as well. Poems aren't always something I write and especially not something I always share, but in times like these, writing has always helped me express myself.

I try to be strong and not let myself break,

But sometimes the thoughts aren’t ones I can shake.

I feel my chest tighten and my mind starts to race,

Intrusive thoughts take over as I begin to pace.

Everything is wrong and nothing is going right

How can I make sure this all is fixed tonight?

What do I do and what can I say?

I need to make this all go away.

I blink back the tears that threaten to fall,

As I look to the ceiling begging not to bawl.

Deep down I know my thoughts are insane,

But how do I get that into my brain?

I hear their words telling me that I’m okay

But my head tells me don’t believe what they say

It feels like a lifetime while it takes control,

And all I want to do, is crawl in a hole.

I try to catch my breath and slow the tears

While trying to fight against all of my fears

My heart slows down as I breathe in deep

And with any luck I’ll drift off to sleep.

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1 Comment

Leak Battalion
Leak Battalion
Mar 04, 2021

that's beautiful Britney are you still writing?

I saw once a woman named Wolf

On YouTube addressing the gulf

Between what can be seen

Of Tourettes on TV

And the sugarstorm of the re-al-ity

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