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Britney Wolf has one mission – to create an environment in which every person in the room feels validated and cared about. After being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at 7 years old, she made a promise to herself and to the entire Tourette Community that she would educate, spread awareness, and fight for the stigma of this disorder to one day be erased. Along the way, she discovered how to empower and motivate those around her because of Tourette Syndrome, rather than in spite of it.


While sharing her story of living with this disorder she teaches her audiences how vital it is to have inclusion in every aspect of education, the workplace, and in our personal lives. She takes the idea of how a simple act, a question, a listening ear, or simply just looking beyond what the eyes and mind might see can lead to an entirely new outlook and way of life. She believes that surrounding yourself with people who are different can create an unstoppable team.

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one tic at a time

Tics at the Airport
Tics While Trying To Go To Sleep
Frequency in Tics

one women's journey with Tourettes syndrome

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Brian Wisniewski

I knew next to nothing about Tourettes syndrome prior to watching Britney's videos and reading her social media blogs. She is an amazing and inspiring young woman who is doing awesome work to remove the stigmas associated with this disorder. She would be an amazing person to come speak to youth or professional organizations to help tear down stigmas around this disorder.

Molly O'Malley

Being a longtime follower of Britney on social media, I made it one of my goals to invite her to speak at NEOMED as part of our Embracing Diversity Series for the Fall 2019 semester. Britney's presentation skills are beyond fantastic and the way she connects with the audience is something that just can't be taught- it comes natural. Our session was interactive, informative, REAL, & engaging. Britney's story is powerful and humbling. She makes you want to get up & go out and do better & make a difference. You feel that you've been friends with her for years within minutes of meeting her. I highly recommend you bring Britney to your school, office, or wherever and learn from her. You won't regret it.

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